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Two is always better than one…especially if you are my friend Maggie. She rescued Baxter when he was 5 months old and since then, they have been inseparable. Maggie has one of the biggest animal loving hearts and she loves rescuing animals in all sorts and sizes.  One day when Maggie was looking for a new foster, she came across a baby Baxter…it was fate, and she named him Junior. Junior is the spittin’ image of Baxter stuck in a 3 month old’s body.  Words cannot describe their cuteness together…and as much as everyone insists that Maggie just adopt her foster friend, she is adamant about adopting him to a great new family so she can rescue more lives. If you’re looking for a puppy without your typical puppy annoyances (chewing, using the bathroom in the house, not crate trained, etc), Junior is the perfect pup for your home: he is fully trained and awesome; a super cute hound baby! More on Junior at Circle of Friends Animal Society.

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On June 15, 2010
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