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I met Tiffany when I was photographing hair and make up models for Ariel Goodson founder of “Dream Face by Ariel” (website under construction). Tiffany and I started talking and she mentioned she was getting married. I slipped the message in that I should be their photographer for their engagement shoot and the rest is history. Now I get to show off my first engagement shoot. None of this could be possible without the set designer, Ariel Goodson. She did all the hair, makeup, and provided the props.

Tiffany and Shaun met over 7 years ago, but had no idea they would end up spending the rest of their lives together. They met at church and didn’t start dating until 4 years had passed.  They will be getting married September 4th…and guess who will be their photographer?! I’m so excited to be photographing their wedding. It will be at their grandfaster’s apple orchard in Ellijay Georgia.

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On August 23, 2010
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