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Focus on the user and all else will follow.

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Big Self School

website and media

At Big Self School, you can learn skills and strategies to help you live and lead with more purpose. You can learn to do ambitious work without all the stress.


website and design

Pastor Robbie Hilton's church in Johnson City, TN.

Tearfund USA

website and media

Tearfund USA is a Christian non-profit working alongside the local church to overcome poverty and injustice. They needed a web presence strong enough to uphold their legacy, yet modern enough to carry them into the future. So we gave them something that reflects their global impact and engages their donors to get involved and support the needs.
Art Direction by Whiteboard


website and media

ianacare doesn't think caregiving should be done alone and they are here to help. We art directed a compelling media collection and built a website that influences this new movement of care.
Art Direction by Whiteboard



Gusto is a fun and fast healthy restaurant in Atlanta. Everything about Gusto is different from a traditional fast food joint, from the way you order to the bold flavors you've never tried. We build a media presence that looks as awesome as the food tastes. Be prepared to experience synesthesia when viewing the photography.
Web build by Whiteboard